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Free Webinars from TEA


TEA is pleased to announce a series of webinars this academic year to help support teachers in their instructional practice. The webinar topics and training dates are as follows:

  •  December 1, 2015:     Making Your Evaluation Work For You
  • December 3, 2015:     Differentiation in Instruction
  • January 11, 2016:      Engaging Families
  • February 29, 2016:    Assessment

Making Your Evaluation Work for You: This webinar will provide helpful tips regarding the evaluation process. Participants will learn about the evaluation law and strategies for pre and post observation meetings.

Differentiation in Instruction: This webinar will focus on developing a deeper understanding of differentiation and provide strategies for lesson planning and implementation. Participants will also learn about different frameworks that support differentiated instruction.

All webinars will be from 7-8 p.m. Eastern Time. If you are interested in participating in these webinars, please e-mail Deborah Bonner at look forward to your participation. If you have any questions, please contact William O’Donnell at800.342.8367 or e-mail

Webinar Flyer

Time to Learn, Time to Teach Forum for Educators


How does standardized testing impact your classroom & students? 

WHEN: Thursday, November 5th 4-5 pm

WHERE: HHS Library

WHO: All Blount County Educators


Licensure renewal


Teachers who met all requirements for license renewal or advancement on August 31, 2015, (under the former licensure policy) have until December 1, 2015, to submit renewal or advancement applications. The applications must be received by the Office of Educator Licensing on or before that date. Click here to access the relevant licensure forms. If you have questions about license renewal and advancement under the previous and new policies, contact your building  AR, or email

TNReady Resources & Break MIST Day


From TEA-

TNReady Updates and Resources

Measurement Incorporated Secured Testing (MIST) is the online platform that will be used for TNReady math and ELA assessments and the social studies/U.S. history assessments. Many of you participated in Break MIST day Thursday, October 1st. TDOE stated that nearly 110,000 users logged on during the 3 hour window of time. TDOE explained that the activity was designed to condense what will be a four week testing window in the spring into three hours to proactively test the MIST capacity. Nonetheless, several systems had difficulty with the activity as noted in several local system articles. Click here and here to see those articles.

Practice Tests

The Measurement Incorporated Classroom Assessment (MICA) Items Sampler can be incorporated into classroom use. Click here to access the item sampler website. The following are the top five suggestions for classroom use:

1.      Use a question as a bell-ringer to introduce a new lesson or review a previous lesson.

2.      Use a question as an exit ticket after a lesson or assign problems for homework.

3.      Use several questions as a center part of the classroom rotation.

4.      View one question with the class and walk through it to learn the features of the system.

5.      Create individualized quizzes based on student areas of improvement.

Practice tests for math, ELA, and social studies/U.S. history are also now available through MIST.

Evaluation – Achievement Measure selection


From TEA-
All teachers, in collaboration with their evaluator, must select their achievement measure by October 16th.

Click here for the Achievement Measure Worksheet for the variety of options. The achievement measure should be as closely aligned as possible to the teacher’s primary responsibility. Since the state is transitioning this school year to new assessments in ELA, math, and social studies, teachers in those three subject areas will not able to select an achievement measurement based on state assessments. TDOE has noted that although teachers might see other options on the pop-up list when selecting their Achievement Measure in TNCompass, they should only “select an Achievement Measure that is listed on the worksheet for their specific grade and subject.” We urge members to be aware of their options for this portion of the evaluation.

Teachers can register for their TN Compass account at:  We urge members to review and track their evaluation information.

Evaluation – how to access


TDOE launched the evaluation component of TNCompass, the new database for teacher evaluation and licensure. Teachers can now register for their account at:  For registration support, please reference the user guide (here). Once registered, teachers will be able to view their evaluation data from the past three years (in districts that submitted evaluation information in CODE).

Teaching in the Social Media Age with TEA attorney Virginia McCoy 10/20 4:15pm



TEA attorney Virginia McCoy has represented education employees for over 25 years in issues including dismissal, disciplinary suspension, revocation of license, unemployment benefits, unlawful discrimination and retaliation for the exercise of protected rights. Ms. McCoy will use examples from her experience to help teachers make informed decisions concerning their professional responsibilities including the use of electronic media by teachers. She will also cover recent changes in law including tenure.

  • WHERE: Maryville High School, Ruby Tuesday Lecture Hall
  • WHEN: Tuesday, October 20th, 4:15 p.m. – 6:15 p.m.
  • WHO: ALL school employees (including support staff) in Blount County, Alcoa & Maryville, not just current TEA members!
  • Refreshments will be served

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