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Member Benefits


Take advantage of the benefits available to you through your Membership. One benefit is the NEA A+ Auto and Home Insurance program managed by California Casualty.
Call now for your free, no-obligation quotation 1-877-331-8951
* Low rates with your NEA member discount
* Multi-policy discounts for Auto & Home coverage
* Discounts for family members who are good students or mature drivers
* Theft of personal property from your vehicle covered up to $500 – including school supplies
* Identity Theft Resolution Services included with auto or home policies at no additional cost.
* Deductible waiver for vandalism in a school parking lot or within 500 feet of a school or school event.
* Visit our web site at

If you would like to obtain a No Obligation Quote, please dial 1-877-331-8951
We serve the people who serve our communities.

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