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County Tax structure


For those interested in the local tax structure, here’s some information from the Blount County Industrial Board:

Blount County Tax Structure

Real property tax, personal property tax, and sales taxes are the only local levies made. There are no separate taxes for schools, hospitals, or other improvements.

Blount County Property Tax Rates

Residential Real Business Real Business Personal
Blount County $2.23 per $100@25% $2.23 per $100@40% $2.23 per $100@30%
Alcoa $2.10 per $100@25% $2.10 per $100@40% $2.10 per $100@30%
Maryville $2.30 per $100@25% $2.30 per $100@40% $2.30 per $100@30%

Property assessments are calculated at current market value. Residents of Maryville and Alcoa pay city and county property tax.
Source: Tennessee Department of Revenue
Sales Tax
Local Sales Tax – 2.25%
State Sales Tax – 6.00% on food and food ingredients.
7.00% on all other tangible personal property unless specifically exempted

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