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American Education Week: Education Support Professionals honored.


” Children need all school workers. A person is not ‘just’ a janitor, not ‘just’ a custodian. Janitors can see children when (teachers) don’t see them, and bus drivers recognize that children who are disruptive on the bus are likely to be disorderly in the classroom. They’re partners in education. We need each other to make this work.” (Rev. Jesse Jackson)

In 1987, the NEA adopted a resolution to honor our Educational Support staff. Later, a resolution was adopted to address our support staff as Educational Support Professionals. On Wednesday of this week we would like to thank our ESPs for their hard work and dedication to the children of Blount County. You make a difference to the children and to the teachers and we appreciate all you do.

I know that if I start listing all our categories of Educational Support Professionals I’m bound to leave someone out but I’ll try anyway! Thank you to our custodians, bus drivers, cafeteria staff, office staff, instructional assistants, nurses, social workers, and substitutes. Without your constant support the teachers in Blount County couldn’t deliver the quality education that our students deserve. You are wonderful to work with!


Lynn Eubanks
President, BCEA

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