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TEA Representative Assembly


Seven delegates from BCEA attended the TEA Representative Assembly this past weekend at the Nashville Convention Center: Grady Caskey, Dee Carpenter, Rebecca Dickenson, Christine Frye, Brenda Goins, Mickie Puleo, and Christy Patrick.

On Friday, Grady Caskey was elected to the TEA Fund for Children and Public Education Council for District Two. Grady Caskey, Mickie Puleo and Christine Frye served on the credentials committee both days.

Highlights of the Representative Assembly:

  • On Friday evening, President Earl Wiman addressed the assembly, asking representatives, “Do you have the TEA title, or the TEA testimony?” He pointed out that accountability for education should not apply solely to teachers.
  • Awards were presented.
  • An NEA representative discussed the “Obama Blueprint” for the 2010 reauthorization of ESEA. Find out more at
  • Gera Summerford from Sevier County was elected TEA President; her term begins July 1
  • Jerry Winters reviewed the 09-10 legislative session.
  • The assembly approved the 10-11 legislative program.

Read more about the delegate assembly here.

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