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Teacher Evaluation Advisory Committee Online discussion forum


BCEA Members: Please take advantage of this opportunity to provide your opinions, ideas, thoughts & concerns directly to the Teacher Evaluation Advisory Committee.  They are crafting the new guidelines for teacher evaluation, and would like to hear from YOU. Below is the invitation to participate in the forum.  You must sign up by FRIDAY, September 17th, but if you missed that deadline there is an email address so you can get added to the list for future opportunities.

Dear Educator,

Thank you for your commitment to educating Tennessee’s students, and for your interest in the new teacher and principal evaluation system.  As we begin another school year in Tennessee, the Teacher Evaluation Advisory Committee (TEAC) continues to move forward in crafting guidelines for teacher and principal evaluation. The TEAC will recommend the first draft of these guidelines, informed by educator feedback, to the State Board of Education later this fall.  As plans for the evaluation system evolve over the coming year and evaluation options are piloted, the feedback loop will continue.

The Evaluation Planning Committee members are in the process of organizing a variety of additional opportunities for teachers and principals to provide feedback and input to the TEAC beginning in September, one of which will be an online forum for discussion and sharing ideas and information related to educator evaluation. Hope Street Group, a national nonprofit organization, has created a customized online environment for this work. If you would be interested in engaging in this conversation online please let us know by signing up on or before September 17, using the following link:

The online educator community will provide invaluable feedback and perspective to the ongoing process of developing improved evaluation systems. The online community will launch on September 21 and last for an 8-10 week period; participation will require a unique username and password.

Additionally, if you know of educators who would like to be involved in future input opportunities related to the new teacher and principal evaluation system, please ask them to send an email with subject line ‘Teacher Evaluation’ to<>, so that we can collect their contact information.

Again, thank you for your interest and attention to this important work.  We look forward to learning from you and your peers throughout the coming school year.


Timothy K. Webb, Ed.D.

Carol K. Schmoock
Assistant Executive Director of Program Services
Tennessee Education Association
801 Second Ave. North
Nashville, TN  37201
Phone 615-242-8392
Fax 615-259-4581<>
Tennessee’s Teachers:  Educating Our Children, Engaging Our Parents, Empowering Our Schools

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