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NCLB regulatory relief-You can help


Excerpts of a memo from the NEA:

NEA sent to the U.S. Department of Education a letter requesting regulatory relief on May 27, 2011 seeking respite from many of NCLB’s onerous features ( The letter demanded relief from provisions such as the prescriptive and arbitrary 100 percent AYP goal that has led to promising schools being labeled and punished as failures, as well as the unmitigated focus on using the current, poor quality standardized tests to make critical decisions about students, schools, and school districts. Recently, these assessments have been misused in relation to individual educators as well.


The Department recently announced that it will move forward with its plan to provide relief from NCLB to states that apply for waivers coupled with the states’ commitment to certain reform efforts. The details are not yet public, but we do know that the Administration is working on its final package (relief and reform) as we speak and it is slated for release mid-September.

NEA President Dennis Van Roekel has met both with Secretary Duncan and with the White House’s Domestic Policy Council to demand that the final waiver package provide REAL RELIEF that makes a positive difference in classrooms all across this country and ensure that states and school districts are providing students and educators with all of the support they need to help students do their best. He stressed that the goal of this package should be teacher-led and student-focused reform!


The Administration is in the final weeks of writing its regulatory relief package and your voice is critical at this very moment! We also need your help in making sure there is public attention on this regulatory action that could affect students for years, unless Congress actually reauthorizes the law. Here’s what you can do to help drive this message home to Secretary Duncan:

· Visit and send a message to Secretary Duncan via the Legislative Action Center to demand relief that will help and reform that works

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