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Choosing your 15% on evaluations


Choosing your 15% achievement measure:

  • For the 15% achievement portion of the teacher evaluation, the State Board approved a menu of options (below) from which teachers may choose, in cooperation with their administrator, by November 1.
  • The chosen measures should reflect the educator’s primary responsibility as directly as possible.
  • If you score a 3, 4 or 5 on TVAAS, (which you’ll find out when TVAAS comes back next spring/summer), you may substitute that number at that time.

What can I choose?

How are they going to turn my choice for the 15% into a 1-5 rating?
Sample suggested calculations from the state:

How does this figure into my overall score?
Overall Score Calculation
1. Overall Observation Score: _____ x 50 = _____
2. TVASS Score: _____ x 35 = _____
3. Achievement Measure Score: _____ x 15 = _____
Total Score Sum Lines 1-3=100% ______
The total score is then converted to an overall effectiveness rating using the following table:
Score Range=Overall Effectiveness Rating
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