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I’m thankful for my association because. . .

  • Because my voice is stronger when it’s united with more than 60,000 educators across Tennessee.
  • Because TEA leadership took my concerns to Commissioner of Education, State Board of Education members, legislators and other policy makers so they would know that the onerous evaluation process is taking time away from my students and stressing our my colleagues.
  • Because they share my concerns with our Central Office and School Board.
  • Because TEA research is checking my salary and benefits information for me.
  • Because they keep me informed via email, facebook & newsletters.
  • Because they help me save money through my access card.
  • Because I have the security of knowing I have access to legal assistance and representation if I need it.
  • Because they help me improve my instruction through PD opportunities like the Spring Symposium and the New Teacher Conference.

Why are you thankful to be a member of your association? Share your reasons by commenting below!

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