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Spring Break – and a little politics


Spring Break could not have come at a more convenient or necessary time. This year has been a very stressful year and we have seen an evaluation system thrown at us without any thought to the consequences. You continue to not only meet expectations but absolutely shatter the goals set for student achievement. You deserve a break today.

Please take time out from your busy schedules and spend it with your family! Nothing rejuvenates us more than quality time with our loved ones. As an artist, I often need to clear my head and make room for new creative ideas. Teachers are premiere artists because they take the malleable minds of children and create the leaders and  productive citizens that is the foundation of a healthy society. You are to be congratulated on your work!

On Friday of this week I will be meeting with a group of people I have asked to serve as advisers and members of a committee to help me make a final decision on whether to run against Art Swann or not. I will make that final decision at this meeting. This group will create a timeline for tasks that need to be done after the April 5th deadline to submit the petition to the Election Commission should that be my decision. I will post that decision on this site along with the thought behind the decision.

Senator Overby has an opponent this year that ran against Art Swann last election. Although Senator Overby didn’t vote our way 100% of the time, he made a very difficult  choice to go against Senate leader Ramsey and vote to keep the EPNA in place. He was the only republican Senator to do so and has voiced his opinion that the legislature should leave education alone and let some of the changes that have been enacted have a chance to be evaluated. Representative Ramsey has been a friend of public education and voted in support of education at most opportunities. He has always been available and has returned phone calls and messages. Senator Overby and Representative Ramsey deserve our support if for no other reason than their accessibility and support of public education. I really wish I could say the same about Representative Swann.

Take care this week. I will let you know of any developments in Nashville and any issues that may come up locally. There is a called board meeting for Thursday morning to discuss the upcoming budget. I will be there.

Thank You for all you do for the kids of Blount County.

Grady Caskey – President BCEA

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