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TNReady Resources & Break MIST Day


From TEA-

TNReady Updates and Resources

Measurement Incorporated Secured Testing (MIST) is the online platform that will be used for TNReady math and ELA assessments and the social studies/U.S. history assessments. Many of you participated in Break MIST day Thursday, October 1st. TDOE stated that nearly 110,000 users logged on during the 3 hour window of time. TDOE explained that the activity was designed to condense what will be a four week testing window in the spring into three hours to proactively test the MIST capacity. Nonetheless, several systems had difficulty with the activity as noted in several local system articles. Click here and here to see those articles.

Practice Tests

The Measurement Incorporated Classroom Assessment (MICA) Items Sampler can be incorporated into classroom use. Click here to access the item sampler website. The following are the top five suggestions for classroom use:

1.      Use a question as a bell-ringer to introduce a new lesson or review a previous lesson.

2.      Use a question as an exit ticket after a lesson or assign problems for homework.

3.      Use several questions as a center part of the classroom rotation.

4.      View one question with the class and walk through it to learn the features of the system.

5.      Create individualized quizzes based on student areas of improvement.

Practice tests for math, ELA, and social studies/U.S. history are also now available through MIST.

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