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Member benefit: Keeping current on education issues


Did you know your association membership helps you keep up to date with education news? As part of your NEA membership, you have access to The Opening Bell email, which is a “is a digest of the most important education news selected from thousands of sources by the editors of U.S. News Custom Briefings. ” Here’s a sample of the articles summarized in the most recent email:

Economy squeezes education budgets

Cooking class, club popular with the guys, too

Are ‘Millennials’ the Smartest or Dumbest Generation?

Don’t worry, you can unsubscribe if you don’t need to get any more email!

In local news, the BCEA membership team is working overtime to reconcile our membership records and submit them to TEA on time. Please thank your reps when you see them for volunteering to do this for our organization!

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