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Insurance changes–what is BCEA doing?


The local insurance carrier plans to implement a significant increase to our out-of-pocket expense for prescriptions effective January, 2009—-some schools have already received information regarding this increase.  What are the facts?  What is BCEA doing on your behalf?

 ·        The specific elements of our plan are determined by the local insurance agency (Blount County Municipal government)

·        Our insurance coverage must meet the standard of “equal to or better than” the state plan in order to be approved by the state insurance commission

·        BCEA has asked for documentation of the state’s approval of the currently proposed changes according to TCA 8-27-303(2)

·        BCEA will seek a comparison of our local plan with the state’s plan—-this information will be forwarded to our members

·        Certified employees have the option of voting (50% +1) to leave the local plan if dissatisfied and choose to participate in the state insurance plan

·        BCEA has contacted the administration in an effort to develop a local insurance committee that will work together to represent the interests of school employees with the Blount County government’s insurance committee

BCEA will continue working on your behalf and will keep you informed of the status of these efforts.  Please send any concerns you have around this issue to Mark Williamson or your individual BCEA building representatives.

                                      BCEA… …working for YOU!!

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