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I don’t want to join because. . .


“It costs too much.”

How many of us have thought this?  Especially this year, when budgets are so tight.  But you can’t afford not to join! Think about it this way:

Dues for a full time teacher are only $1.35 per day.  That’s a large coke or a cup of coffee.  Don’t you spend that on a daily basis for things much less important that your Association?  Instead of caffiene to get you through the day, you’re making your day easier.  Because of that $1.35, you get a break during the day at lunch time.  You know that if you were falsely accused, TEA will be there with legal assistance.  You know, because of your  contract, that you won’t go to work tomorrow and be told you’re moving to another school or  have to sit through three-hour long faculty meetings every week.  You have Dues-Tab life insurance to help your family if necessary.

“But I get most of those things for free already!”

It’s not free.  Would you expect the teacher next door to buy you a coke every day?  Because when you’re not a member, that’s effectively what you’re doing–letting the teacher next door pay for you.  Without a strong membership base, we aren’t as effective at the negotiating table.

“I just don’t have the money.”

Some BCEA members recoup more than the cost of their dues by taking advantage of the special rates for financial products and ACCESS discounts offered through the association.  Check the TEA website or contact the Association Representative in your building to find out how.

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