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Welcome Back!


Welcome back to a new school year!  As we all work hard to get our classrooms and lesson plans ready for the year, don’t forget to take care of yourself and your colleagues by joining our association.  BCEA is working to protect the contract that benefits every teacher all year long.  Look for professional development opportunities sponsored by BCEA during the year as well.

TEA is active in Nashville, keeping us informed on education legislation and advocating for better laws and budget resources.  TEA also sponsors Conferences and Professional Development Workshops to keep us up-to-date on our profession.

As a member, don’t forget to use your Member Benefits to get discounts on products and services you already use, like  Restaurants, Shopping, Hotels, Car Rentals, discounted Insurance rates, Home or Auto Financing special rates.  Check out the Member Benefits section of the TEA website for more information. Some of our members use these services to save more money than they pay in dues!

Benefits of membership in BCEA & TEA  include:

  • Maintaining and increasing funds for public schools
  • Increasing Teacher Salaries, Insurance and Retirement Plans through TEA’s 60, 80, 90 Initiative
  • Retaining the Fiscal Soundness of the Teachers’ Retirement Plan
  • Retaining Tenure Rights (currently under attack)
  • Retaining Teacher Duty-free Lunch, Planning Time, Sick Leave
  • Monitoring of Class Size and Teacher Workload
  • Retaining Rights to Bargain Local Contracts
  • Locally Negotiated Health Insurance
  • Locally Negotiated Health Insurance for Retirees
  • Locally Negotiated Retirement Incentive
  • Locally Negotiated Life Insurance
  • Locally Negotiated Language on Vacancies, Transfers, Layoffs/Recalls, Reassignments
  • Locally Negotiated Sick Leave ABOVE State Requirement
  • Locally Negotiated Personal Leave ABOVE State Requirement
  • Locally Negotiated Language to Protect Transfers/Replacements Resulting from NCLB
  • Locally Negotiated Language Regarding Faculty Meeting Days and Time Lengths
  • Locally Negotiated Participation in Sick Leave Bank
  • Representation at County Commission and School Board meetings
  • Legal Representation
  • Liability Insurance
  • Monthly periodicals
  • Accidental Death and Life Insurance
  • Dues Tab Life Insurance
  • Job Related Injury Insurance
  • Home/Vehicle Protection Plan
  • Instruction and Professional Development Workshops
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