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Why join your Association?


If you’ve been following this blog, you already know about the A-B-C’s of Membership. Need a refresher? Check out the posts on Advocacy & Benefits.

C is another great reason to be a member:

Collective Action.
One voice working for change is like a small drop of water-so quiet and tiny you might overlook it. BUT, all our voices collectively can create a roar like a tidal wave.

When BCEA leadership speaks on your concerns, your voices carry the strength of the majority of Blount County’s teachers. Got a concern? Add your voice to that collective roar–talk with your association representative or email

When TEA works for you, they speak with the roaring voice of 54,000 Tennessee Educators. Right now, your TEA leadership is sharing your concerns about the new evaluation system and all the other recent changes from last spring’s legislative session with the decision-makers. You influence your TEA leadership through your local association and through your elected representatives to the yearly TEA Representative Assembly. Share concerns about the evaluation system directly with TEA by taking this survey.  Got a burning question for TEA? Email!

With all the benefits of membership, you can’t afford NOT to join!

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