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Evaluation: 15-16 Summative, observation scheduling 


From TDOE :

2015-16 Summative Conferences

Before beginning observations for the current school year, evaluators should have summative conferences with educators. Summative conferences should incorporate the main components of a coaching conversation to help facilitate a productive conversation.   


Each conference should include discussion around the following components:

  • Professionalism scores 
  • Final qualitative (observation) data scores
  • Final achievement data (15%) (if measure is available)
  • How and when and the overall score will be calculated


While all available data needed to calculate a level of overall effectiveness (LOE) is not currently available, the summative conference can still be conducted. For more guidance on conducting summative conferences, please visit the evaluation guidance page of the TEAM website.

Observation Pacing and PDPs for 2016-17

The number of required observations is determined by the individual growth score (if available) and the level of overall effectiveness (LOE). Because the department expects the release of evaluation scores in early fall, districts may proceed with unannounced observations, as teachers at every level are required to have a minimum of one unannounced observation each year.

In addition to displaying the LOE, TNCompass will be enhanced to provide minimum observation requirements and status for observed domains throughout the year.Professional Development Points (PDPs)accrued by a teacher through evaluation will be available at the release of evaluation scores. 

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